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Our Mission

MRMís mission is to bring manufacturers together into long-term relationships that help provide convenient, environmentally responsible recycling opportunities to consumers nationwide.


What we offer

MRMís goal is to develop recycling systems that are convenient for consumers and open to participation by all electronic product manufacturers. We believe that manufacturers working together to manage recycling systems is the best way to ensure effective and sustainable recycling for electronic products.

If you are a consumer looking for drop off locations to recycle your home electronic products...

See a state-by-state listing of MRM sponsored consumer collection programs and links to drop off sites in your area on the Consumer Recycling page.


If you are a manufacturer or commercial recycler seeking to participate in our collection programs...

Recycling Results

MRM is proud to provide both effective recycling programs in states where manufacturers are required to recycle electronics and to provide a comprehensive voluntary national recycling program. 

MRM has recycled 425 million pounds of electronics since it was formed in the fall of 2007. The bar chart below shows how MRM has grown its recycling program every year since its inception. For more information on our recycling results and philosophy please click here.

News Announcements

MRM Companies Support EPA Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) CHallenge


The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the Sustainable Materials Management (SSM) Electronics Challenge on September 20, 2012. This is a cooperative, voluntary program for electronics manufacturers and retailers that aligns them with two basic EPA goals: (1) improve management of used electronics by increasing the amount of used electronics that are collected and recycled through certified third-party refurbishers and recyclers; and, (2) increase transparency and accountability through public posting of electronics collection and recycling data.


Panasonic Corporation of North America and Sharp Electronics Corporation, two of the companies that founded MRM, are participating in the EPAís SMM Challenge and look forward to assisting the EPA in meeting national goals for eWaste recycling.


For more information on EPAís Sustainable Materials Management approach and the Electronics Challenge, click here.


Peter Fannon, Panasonic Corporation of North Americaís Vice President for Corporate & Government Affairs and MRM Member Committee Board Chair, joins EPA Deputy Assistant Administrator for Solid Waste and Emergency Response Lisa Feldt at the announcement of the EPA SMM Electronics Challenge at Vintage Tech Recyclers, a certified electronics recycling facility in Romeoville, Ill.